Food Quality Standards

Toosh carefully selects the freshest and highest quality products available from our trusted suppliers and producers. We have strict quality standards in place to ensure our customers always get the best available products.

We are passionate about natural and organic foods and aim to source these types of products wherever possible. Anything listed as organic is certified by the USDA, NASAA, ACO or direct equivalents in other foreign markets. While there is no certification for labeling a food ‘natural’€, we consider natural to be foods that do not contain any artificial colours or flavors, or synthetic substances.

Of course, not every product we stock is natural or organic, but you will find detailed information about ingredients, processing and allergens for each product.

Please note, products will naturally vary in texture, size, colour, taste and shape. Although every effort is made to remove all foreign objects, given the nature of some of our products, you may find stalks, stones or nutshells present. These are a natural occurrence and in no way undermine the quality of the product.

If you have any concerns about one of our products please inform us immediately at [email protected]. For more information on our refunds and returns policy please click here.